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What Does it Mean to Actually Break Free From Addiction?

People are drawn into an addiction for many reasons. Maybe they did not realize they were addicted for a long time until the veil of denial was lifted. Maybe they realized after the first time they tried a drug, they were hooked. There may be other reasons, but no matter what, there is the realization that they need to break free from addiction if they are going to live a full life. Addiction finds a pattern and keeps on destroying until a person actually breaks away and is freed.

Reaching Out

Professional help is the best place to start. Addiction treatment helps people from all walks of life. When it comes to the right tools for breaking the cycle of addiction, it might take professional help from treatment centers to support the journey. Maybe inpatient or outpatient, but it will need to be addressed if it is to have an impact that lasts.

Seek Help

While admitting the need for help is one part of the journey, there is also the need to find the right treatment for you or your loved one. If you want to get well, stop the denial and break the cycle by reaching out for the right kind of help. It takes some research, but ultimately it means going where it feels the best help can be provided for an individual’s situation and provides the best avenue of hope.


Breaking free is not just a desire to get better. The brain and body have to dump all the bad stuff that has been going into it for years. This part of recovery is critical and may require professional attention as it can be dangerous. Detox and rest are needed for a person to get rid of toxins from their system and be fully present in recovery. 


Stay active in treatment and recovery. Give yourself a chance to achieve long-term recovery. Get into treatment and build a bond with those around you as you start to build the foundation of support necessary for long-term recovery. Get involved and engaged with the community before leaving rehab. Start by realizing the community is going to help in the long run with feeling connected to others and finally starting the journey of healing. 

The Guest House is based on a Therapeutic Communty model. We help people learn how to live free of addiction. Our community support provides structure while trained counselors offer life skills training and therapeutic techniques to help you move past addiction. Our program provides a special focus for professionals including chiropractors, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and more who need help with addiction recovery. Call us to find out more: 855-483-7800.