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Entering the summertime can be nerve-wracking as many summer activities involve substance use, particularly alcohol. You may find yourself worried about compromising your sobriety because you still want to engage in fun activities this summer. While this fear is valid, know that you have options that do not involve putting your sobriety at risk. 

What Does Summer Look Like in Recovery?

How Can I Have Fun and Still Remain Sober?

There are plenty of ways you can be involved in fun summer activities and remain sober. It just takes a little bit of creativity on your part. Below are three ideas for summer fun that won’t jeopardize your sobriety.  

Host Your Own Party

By hosting a party at your own home, you have more control. You can tell your guests that it is a “dry” event, meaning that alcohol is not welcome. Have a variety of tasty nonalcoholic drinks on hand and ask your guests to bring snacks, ingredients for s’mores, and whatever else sounds fun.

Go to a Concert With Sober Friends

Attending outdoor concerts during the summertime is one of the most fun experiences you can have. However, many times these concerts involve audience members using substances. To ensure that you can remain sober and still attend these events, invite your sober friends or family members to go with you to help keep you accountable. They can help keep you focused on the show instead of the substances.

Bring Your Own Drinks

Whether you are at the beach or an amusement park, having your own beverage in your hand can help reduce the risk of someone offering you a drink. Even if they do, having a drink in your hand can reduce the urge to say yes because you are already consuming your own delicious beverage. Be sure to bring beverages you enjoy so that you do not feel as though you are missing out on the fun. You may find that other people also appreciate having something nonalcoholic to drink.

Summertime is filled with many fun activities; however, it is also filled with substance use, especially alcohol, which can be triggering. To reduce the risk of relapsing, you can host your own party, invite sober friends to a concert, and bring your own nonalcoholic drinks to various events. If you need extra help remaining sober while participating in fun summertime activities,  call The Guest House. We can help you create detailed plans to achieve this goal. Call us today at (855) 483-7800.