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The Emptiness We Feel

Feeling unfulfilled in our lives can be a major contributing factor in our addictive patterns, and can serve as a trigger for relapse. When we’re unfulfilled, we feel devoid of purpose. We feel as though life has no meaning, as though we have no reason for living. We can question our existence and our place in the world, even going so far as to believe we’re not adding anything, and that our life has no value. We can feel very empty inside, lost, and alone. We wonder if we’ll always feel this way if we’ll always feel hopeless and down on ourselves if we’ll never have anything of significance to offer.

Filling the Voids With Our Drug of Choice

When we’re in this place of feeling a total lack of fulfillment, many of us turn to an addictive substance or behavior to soothe our feelings of disappointment, emptiness, and shame. We feel disappointed in ourselves and our lives. We feel we should have gotten further by now, we should have met certain expectations, and accomplished certain things. We feel ashamed of ourselves. We feel inferior to others. We try to escape these painful feelings and fill our emotional voids by using our drug of choice. The more we use, the less we’re able to focus on finding sources of genuine contentment and fulfillment in our lives, things that can connect us to our purpose and motivation in life. The more we drown our sorrows in our drug of choice, the more disconnected we become from our inner selves and our higher purpose. 

Finding Our Unique Gifts

Many of us find that we feel fulfilled when we discover the unique gifts that we are meant to share with the world. Our purpose is often something much bigger than us, something connected to serving humanity or helping people in some way. Our purpose brings us a sense of satisfaction. It makes us feel good to know we are able to contribute to other people’s well-being and ease their burdens. We feel fulfilled when we know we’ve made someone else happy. We’re acting beyond our own interests and doing something meaningful for others. When we feel fulfilled, we develop a stronger sense of self-worth. We feel better about ourselves. We find the things that light us up from within and make us look forward to life.

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