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What is a Life Self-Assessment?

At one point or another, many of us find ourselves taking a closer look at the overall trajectory of our lives. We begin to analyze where we are versus where we want to be.  We take stock of everything we’ve experienced, what we’ve accomplished, and how far we are from reaching our goals. In recovery, we discover that our addictions have been a major roadblock keeping us from living the lives we want to live. As we’re recovering, it’s a great idea to do a life self-assessment. This process includes exploring and assessing our lives. With help from a support group, we take a closer look at how we’ve been living and how we want to live. How can a life self-assessment support us in our recovery? 

Deciding How We Want to Feel

Sometimes our greatest inspiration in recovery comes from making conscious decisions about how we want to feel. We decide that we want our lives to reflect our healthiest feelings, and we find positive ways to reinforce those feelings. We know we want to have clarity, energy, productivity, and motivation in our daily lives. Self-compassion, confidence, and self-love also rank highly on many people’s lists.

On the other hand, we look at the things we want to avoid. Obviously, we don’t want the manic compulsiveness of being high. We also don’t want to be bogged down by the grogginess, sadness, and exhaustion we feel after coming down from a high. We’re tired of our addictions robbing us of our self-esteem and our will live. For years, we’ve lost time, energy, and money trying to maintain an addicted lifestyle. We’re fed up with feeling fed up with ourselves. It’s time to seek peace within ourselves and feel light, free, stable, and centered. Our goal is to feel grounded and comfortable in our own skin. Recovery allows us to be happy with the lives we’re living.

Examining Our Self-Sabotage

Are the ways in which I’m living my life contributing to my wellness, or detracting from it? Does my lifestyle reinforce my sobriety or impede it? Are my regular habits, behaviors, and routines good for me? Chances are, doing a life self-assessment will show you some important things you have been avoiding. You’ll discover ways in which you’ve been self-sabotaging, neglecting your own needs, and hindering your recovery. The good news is that when we become more conscious of how we’re living our lives, we can begin to make real change. Start taking more notice of how you’re moving through each day, how you’re operating, and how happy you currently are with your life. Take the time for an accurate inventory of your life. You may be surprised by what you find. 

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