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sponsorThe role of a sponsor in recovery is crucial. Recovery begins and ends with the understanding that we cannot get sober on our own. Running on our own self-will, we have caused harm to ourselves and possibly others.

As true addicts, we cannot overcome our reliance on drugs and alcohol alone. In the past, we may have tried multiple times and failed repeatedly. When we reach the point of desperation and surrender, we enter our recovery and require guidance.

One of the first and most important steps we must take is finding a sponsor. Whether you are new to sobriety or resuming your sobriety, here are some of the facts to answer your questions about a sponsor.


What a Sponsor Is

A sponsor is someone who has a good amount of time sober, who has worked the 12 steps. They are someone who has what you want. They are knowledgeable and happy in their sobriety. You may be able to relate to their story, or you may just see characteristics they possess that you aspire to one day have as well.

The job of a sponsor is to take you through the steps of your 12-Step program. They work through this with you in the way that their sponsor guided them. It is important to work with someone who has gone through the steps so that you can achieve a spiritual experience and find relief from the obsession with alcohol and other substances.

Your sponsor will hold you accountable, expect you to be truthful and to put in the work they ask of you. They give you their time and guidance as long as you are willing and continue to show up.

In early sobriety, they may answer your questions about recovery and how to achieve it. Once you are ready to sponsor, they act as a resource for you to help your own sponsees.

If they give you suggestions, such as taking a commitment at a meeting, implementing meditation and prayer on a regular basis, reading from a book or calling them daily, it is part of the recovery process. They are showing you the ways that they were successful in recovering, and are helping you create a routine to find discipline and progress in your own sobriety. A sponsor is essential to getting and staying sober. 


What a Sponsor Is Not

Your sponsor is not perfect. They are learning every day just as much as you are. They can take you through the steps as they were taught, but they cannot be your one and only resource.

If you have outside issues such as depression, anxiety, or other mental health struggles, they are not trained to treat those. In those cases, you should seek help from specialists while continuing to work through your addiction with your sponsor. Your sobriety is not the responsibility of your sponsor.

They can show you the way to recover, but it is your job to put in the work and continue to show up. A sponsor doesn’t abandon you in times of need, but they can only help you with their knowledge and experience in sobriety. They cannot be everywhere, all of the time.

They have worked their steps and have found a happy and healthy life. All they want is for you to be able to find the same thing. This means you need to attend meetings and find friendships and support systems who can assist you along with your sponsor. Your sponsor can be a friend to you, but is first and foremost your mentor on the road to recovery. 


If you have further questions on sponsorship or to begin your recovery, call The Guest House Ocala at 855-876-3884. We can help you take the proper first steps, and put you on the path towards a sober life!