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Going to a long term residential treatment program for trauma, addictions, and other mental health related issues includes a personalized treatment program. A team of clinicians, doctors, and psychiatrists decide which evidence based treatment methods will best help each individual who comes to treatment. At The Guest House Ocala, we understand that everyone has a story before treatment. We welcome all residents with open arms and an open mind, creating the best possible treatment program for them. One of our most routinely utilized treatment methods which seems to be positively effective for a variety of clients is art therapy. Art therapy has become synonymous with residential treatment for this reason. People with different backgrounds, stories, addictions, and personalities find a medium of art therapy that helps them find self-expression and healing.

Treatment is often primarily focused on traditional forms of therapy, which includes individual and group therapy. Talk therapy and verbal engagement can be hard for people who are not verbally inclined. Developing an entire emotional vocabulary is a challenge for anyone, especially those in the early phases of recovery. It is easy to become burned out on talking and verbally engaging throughout the day. Art therapy is an opportunity to use more creative parts of the brain. Whether through creating art, music therapy, dramatherapy, talking about art, creative writing, or other modalities, the act of art therapy is healing in two ways. First, the therapy is proven to increase communication and treatment. Second, the break from talking is welcome, giving everyone an opportunity to turn inward in order to create art outward.

The American Art Therapy Association describes art therapy as “a regulated, integrative mental health and human services profession.” Art therapy “uniquely promotes the ability to unlock the emotional expression by facilitating non-verbal as well as verbal communication”. Art therapy is more than “arts and crafts”. Art therapists are trained in various techniques and practices to target specific emotional experiences. Often, art therapy projects have meaning and purpose. What one produces through their art therapy can reveal truths to them about themselves, their thoughts, and their progress in treatment.

At The Guest House Ocala, you will be met with open arms, welcoming you where you are, how you are. Our private residential treatment programs are individually designed to help you heal from trauma, addictions, and related issues. Come transform your life from the past for a brighter future. Call us today for information on our concierge style accommodations: 1-855-483-7800