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What Is Equine Therapy and How Can It Help Those Suffering from Mental Health and Addiction Issues?

Equine therapy is a unique therapeutic approach, which involves the emotional connection between humans and animals. Equine therapy has been shown to help people with physical and neurological disabilities by using horseback riding as a form of physical therapy. The relationship between humans and horses; however, has also been known to have an emotionally healing element for those suffering from trauma.

One of the key differences between equine therapy for those with physical disabilities and those with emotional disabilities is in the approach. Individuals seeking physical therapy will find themselves more often riding horses during sessions than those in equine psychotherapy. Much of the work in equine therapy for those seeking to heal from emotional problems will be done by caring for the animals.

If you are interested in equine therapy to augment your treatment plan for emotional or psychological issues related to trauma, much of your work with horses will involve caring for the animals. Most of the horses that you work with will be specifically trained for therapeutic riding, as many equine therapy facilities offer both physical and emotional support programs.

Horses certainly require caring people to support them! They need to be fed, have their stalls cleaned, and be groomed often. Caring for animals is rewarding work, and equine therapists will teach you how to care for horses while you learn to care for yourself. Depending upon the program, you may also learn to ride horses to develop self-confidence and self-esteem as you learn a new skill!

The bond between human beings and animals has been shown to be therapeutic since the domestication of animals. Many people feel a similar emotional bond to horses in equine therapy that they do to their own housepets. Talk to your therapist about incorporating equine therapy or other types of animal therapy into your treatment plan!

Are you interested in trying equine therapy? Do you love caring for animals and working outdoors? Do you enjoy the pride you feel after putting in hard work to care for others? Are you looking for new avenues to healing from trauma, addiction, and emotional issues? The Guest House offers equine therapy and many other alternative types of therapy to our guests during their stay. Call The Guest House today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about equine therapy!