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GABA stands for gamma-aminobutyric acid. As one of many different neurotransmitters in the brain, GABA has a specific function by communicating specific messages throughout the brain. What sets GABA apart from other neurotransmitters is that it is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, meaning it inhibits certain brain processes, which can lead to a variety of mental health issues.

Trauma can be called a disorder of the nervous system. When we experience trauma, we experience throughout our entire mind and body. Everything about the way we process information given to us by life changes because the way our nervous system operates, changes.

GABA helps develop cells in the nervous system by dictating how many neurons, which are the cells in the nervous system, actually turn into neurons. GABA helps the brain calm down as well. As an inhibitory neurotransmitter and neuron, GABA signals parts of the brain to release peptides and other brain chemicals which can reduce excitability. Certain personality disorders, mood disorders, and other brain functions include parts of the brain being highly excited. People who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction can experience high anxiety during withdrawals and the early stages of recovery, for example. Taking a GABA stimulator can help calm the brain down. Some research suggests that a malfunctioning GABA production could be part of the disease of alcoholism.

There are medications which help supplement a low GABA productivity. We can also find GABA through the absorption of many whole food sources. Specifically, these food sources have to enhance mitochondrial health. Foods which help the production of GABA need to have some of these vitamins and compounds:

CoQ10Vitamin CArginineRibose

Common foods which contain these nutrients include:

Cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, romanesco, brussel sprouts, arugulaSpinachPumpkin seedsPeanutsCitrus fruitsMushroomsBell Peppers

Incorporating other plant based supplements into the diet can also help with the production of GABA, according to Mind Body Green. Herbs and various plants can be taken as supplements or mixed into other foods:


Before trying to introduce GABA to your diet or with a medication, it is important to consult with your doctor. Your recovery from trauma, addictions, or other mental health issues needs to be highly individualized to meet your specific needs.

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