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What Is Global Running Day?

Runners are a unique breed of people. They get up and move when most are content relaxing. Some say they’re crazy while others marvel at their dedication. No matter your running status, you can celebrate Global Running Day.

Why Do People Run?

Ask any runner why they run, and you will get a different answer. Some run for the freedom, the strength, or the peace it gives them. Many run for the challenge, others in remembrance of someone or a cause. Maybe you run because you joined a running club and like the community. Being a part of a club builds friendships and improves your mental and physical health.

There’s no telling why a person runs on any given day. They get on a treadmill or go outside. When you run, you can find pleasure because exercise boosts your brain’s production of “feel good” chemicals. Another plus to running is the effect it has on the mind-body connection. Those feel-good chemicals can boost your motivation to run. Why wouldn’t you do something that makes you feel good?

Some examples of the feel-good side effects are:

  • A decrease in mental health disorders like  anxiety  or depression. People like running. Sometimes they run just to clear their minds. You can let go of stress and enjoy nature when you run outside. The air and scenery provide a respite.
  • Increased cardiovascular health. Each step you take while you run requires your heart to pump blood. As a result, you strengthen your heart muscle and blood vessels. Additionally, every breath increases your lung capacity, which pumps more oxygen into your blood.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight. Exercise is a healthy way to maintain or lose weight. Running requires calories (energy), and as you work on your time, enjoy nature, or release harmful feelings, calories are burning.

People run because they feel they’re doing something good for their minds and body.

How Do I Start Running?

Global Running Day is the perfect reason to begin running. If you’re curious about running, talk with those who run. Find out how they started and if they have any tips. You can also do an internet search for beginner running guides. You may want to join a running club. A benefit of running with others is you can socialize and learn proper running skills while you improve your mental health.

What you shouldn’t do is feel pressure to start out running miles. Give yourself a break and begin with small steps. For instance, after you warm up, choose an object to run toward. Make sure you select something attainable. Walk for a few paces once you reach the marker and repeat the process. Each time you go for a run, try to increase the distance between objects and decrease the walking times. Don’t give up!

Global Running Day isn’t about running miles. Instead, use the day to create your reason for running. Whether you step onto a treadmill or go outside, let go of your stressors and be in the moment. You can find comfort in the release. At The Guest House, we encourage you to find what motivates you. Our services are opportunities to discover how to focus on the present, find inner peace, and increase your well-being. Whether you’re enjoying the quiet of our historic estate near Ocala, Florida or participating in therapy, we’re here to help. Call us at (855) 483-7800.