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What Is It Like to Have Sober Fun?A mistaken belief about recovery is that you cannot have fun without the use of mind-altering drugs being in the picture. How will you attend your wedding if you cannot toast your spouse with champagne? Why would you go to a baseball game if you cannot get high before the game and binge on draft beers for the entire nine innings?

How could you enjoy a concert without passing around drugs and getting drunk? The truth is that you can still be a part of all of those activities and still have fun sober. You will have to change your outlook to staying sober no matter what, so that you can see how much more you can enjoy life without having to drink and use to alter your mood.

Sober Fun Starts With Acceptance

The first thing you realize is that how you have fun will be different. Fun for someone who is addicted means trying to feel good off the effects of drugs and alcohol by reaching oblivion. Learning to be present and sober in your activities will allow you to become open-minded to new adventures and have some real fun.

Sober Fun Has Its Advantages

If you have never had sober fun, you are really missing out. You can remember what you did, and you will not have to worry about offending anyone with your behavior under the influence. All you have to do is strictly enjoy yourself without worrying about maintaining your high with drugs and alcohol.

Sober Fun Is Easy to Achieve

Although you may think that you do not know how to have fun, you totally can. Discover what you like to do by trying out a plethora of activities that appeal to you. Take a cooking class, go bowling, or host a sober movie night. The sky’s the limit in what you can do to achieve authentic pleasure. You just have to get started to see how much fun you can have in sobriety.

Throw the idea out that getting sober means that you will no longer have any fun. This misconception could not be farther from the truth. Sobriety is a blast, and you can find out for yourself because you are worthy of receiving joy. You did not get sober to have a miserable existence. You got sober to live life to its fullest, so make the most of it.

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