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Journaling is a recommended therapy for those in recovery from mental health issues like depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, or trauma. Writing out the oftentimes troubling and disturbing thoughts going on in one’s head can help release the power those thoughts hold. Research has proven that journaling is incredibly therapeutic and aids tremendously in the recovery process, especially from trauma. New research suggests that a different kind of journaling activity involving social media could also be good for mental health.

Blogging is a form of online journaling for many people. Individuals curate a blog to document their journeys through mental health recovery, as well as many other areas of their life. Writing a blog can mean writing hundreds or even thousands of words at a time and making those intimate entries available to the whole world. Journaling of any kind can be intimidating to people in recovery because it can take time, deep thought, and contemplation- which is what makes it therapeutic. A shorter version of blogging/journaling can be extremely beneficial and efficient. Microblogging is writing short updates on one’s life and recovery and sharing it to any kind of social media platform, namely Facebook and Twitter.

Published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, a study found that people who had diagnosable social anxiety were more likely to turn to microblogging as a coping mechanism after experiencing negative emotions. Interestingly, participants in the study who did not have a diagnosis of social anxiety disorder, but still scored on the scale of having social anxiety symptoms, were more likely to send direct messages through social media platforms.

Mental health struggles of any kind can be extremely isolating, making it feel difficult to talk to anyone about what is going on. Ironically, when you post to a social media platform, you can talk to everyone, depending on your privacy settings. If you make your posts completely private, you can talk to nobody, which can be comforting when feeling ashamed, uncomfortable, or confused about emotions. When microblogging posts are published publicly, one has an opportunity to expand their support network. People who are close relationally but not geographically can be informed of struggle and reach out. People are not otherwise relational, but share the same experience, can also reach out and offer support.

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