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What Is My Story? A Guide to Accepting Yourself Pre-Treatment

A million different people will have a million different stories. What led them to where they are in their life? How do they decide to start, leave, or pause parts of their life? What resonates with their heart and soul? Their story didn’t begin where you see them. Like you, their story has ups and downs that they navigated to be where they are today.

Is Life Unfair?

Life is unpredictable, and that’s what makes life fascinating. What you thought was forever can turn into a fleeting moment. But conversely, what you feel is temporary can become your greatest foundation.

Nothing in life is perfect, and you may encounter situations where life does seem unfair or stacked against you. However, try to remember the positives in your life. Don’t compare your life to another person’s present situation. You don’t know their story and what it took to get to where they are today.

The tendency to compare your life against another overlooks the struggles you faced to be where you are in this moment. The loss of a friendship, a change in jobs, or working on yourself are parts of your life’s story. Be proud of what you have accomplished.

How Do I Embrace the Past?

There are challenges in life. Your past includes specific events that you may not want to acknowledge. But don’t look away from your past. Embracing your history isn’t easy. There will always be something you wish you could do over or erase from your life, no matter who you are. So don’t wish your life away. Instead, embrace and cultivate recognition of all your events and past behaviors.

Accepting your past allows you to let go of any negative feelings you may harbor towards yourself or unhealthy behaviors. Every day you have the opportunity to grow and use the lessons you learned as teaching moments. When confronted with situations that put you in an unhealthy frame of mind, remember the lessons you learned and the healthy decisions you can make.

Is Acceptance a Choice?

Everything you do is a choice. Don’t be ashamed of those decisions. Accept your story before you begin treatment as a foundation for who you are and who you can become. There is hope down the road, things can change, and right now, you are doing what is suitable for your body, mind, and soul.

You have two choices for your past story: acceptance or denial.

#1. Denial

Denial can only haunt you. Fighting your past story holds you to what harmed you. By holding onto the past, you don’t look around and see the opportunities that exist.

#2. Acceptance

Acceptance frees you from the harmful effects of your past. With grace, you give yourself the chance to heal and accept the trials of your ever-changing world. You become flexible. The flexibility protects you from potential harm. This shield, combined with acceptance, means you can settle down with your past and become comfortable with your story before alcohol or drug treatment.

Your life story before treatment doesn’t define you. Instead, it guides you to understand and learn from risky, self-harming behaviors. Throughout the process of letting go of the past, accept what happened. Unfortunately, denial or fighting your past prevents you from looking around and recognizing opportunities. The Guest House welcomes you to begin your journey of acceptance and healing with us. Our peaceful location, nestled in the heart of central Florida, affords you the comfort and privacy you require to cultivate a new beginning. To learn more about our services, call (855) 483-7800.