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Our recovery is a challenging part of our lives that demands a lot from us, to say the least. We want to be confident and self-assured as we’re working toward recovery. It’s healthy to believe in ourselves and to have faith in our ability to recover. Sometimes, though, we develop what is often referred to as overconfidence, and it can be detrimental to our recovery. When we’re overconfident, we can actually wind up sabotaging our progress and holding ourselves back in the long run.

Our Pride Blinds Us

Overconfidence in recovery is being overly proud and even arrogant about our strengths and abilities. When we’re overconfident, we might be blind to the challenges and weaknesses we need to work on. We may think we’re invincible, assuming that we’re too strong to make mistakes. Thinking we’re incapable of faltering in our recovery is a dangerous conception. We may assume we’re beyond the possibility of relapse and even start to believe that we don’t need help.

We’re Continuing The Same Problematic Patterns

Our overconfidence can block our progress and keep us stuck in the same detrimental patterns that fueled our addictions. When we’re overconfident, we might reject support because we don’t want to appear weak or in need of help. We deny and suppress our feelings because we don’t want to be perceived as incapable of handling our emotions. These forms of resistance are patterns that contribute to our addiction. Addictive substances allow us to avoid feeling our difficult emotions. We don’t get help for our addictive patterns, even when we know it would benefit us.

We Have an Unhealthy Relationship With Our Fear

Our overconfidence is often a manifestation of fear. We’re so afraid of failure that we overcompensate with an abundance of confidence. We’re so fearful of our addictions that we can’t admit when we’ve been struggling with them. This fear of judgment means we can’t acknowledge that we’re having a hard time. Being confident, as opposed to overly confident, means we have a healthy relationship with our fears. We can acknowledge and admit them rather than blocking, suppressing, and denying them to present an illusion of infallibility. 

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