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What is Rock Bottom?There comes a time in everyone’s addiction where they have gone as low as possible, and there is nothing more they can lose. The term “rock bottom” alludes to this definition. Jail, homelessness, financial despair, and broken relationships are the most common rock bottoms to push someone into a state of reasonableness. If someone keeps going in their addiction, the worst-case scenario for rock bottom is death.

Alcohol and drug addiction may be viewed as no big deal to the person abusing drugs and alcohol, but statistics show that overdose is still a big concern. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Over 770,000 Americans have died from drug overdoses since 1999, and the total number of deaths jumped from 16,849 in 1999 to a high mark of 70,237 in 2017.”

To prevent any more harm from occurring, especially death, a person should use their rock bottom as a way out from under their addiction and into recovery.

Rock Bottom Is Fertile Ground for the Seeds of Personal Redemption

When everything seems broken, you must have faith that everything is being put back together in the way it was intended to be. Rock bottom is the beginning of a person’s redemption story that may be the example someone else needs to get sober.

Rock Bottom Is Different for Everyone Making It a Possibility to Bloom Where They Are

The vision of rock bottom can seem bleak, although the only way to go is up from where a person hits bottom. Building a foundation in your sobriety and growing on top of it will give you amazing results in your recovery. Life will become worthwhile again, and you find that you have a purpose. Eventually, you will see that your efforts pay off and make you bloom where you are.

Although rock bottom is a terrible place to get to, it can give an individual the ability to move back up to the place where they belong. Recovery is available for anyone to grab onto because when enough is enough—there will be a hand there to take a hold of yours.

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