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What Is Sober Curious?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to remain sober at social functions? The conscious decision to stay substance-free at a social function is a part of the sober curious movement. The other parts of being sober curious are up to you.

What Is the Definition of Sober Curious?

Alcohol is one of the more popular and socially acceptable substances in society. Gatherings for sports, celebrations, or friends often have alcohol available. Imagine going to a party where there isn’t at least one form of alcohol.

Being sober curious means you’re ready to explore a life without alcohol. Maybe you can’t control the amount of alcohol you drink, or perhaps you recognize a connection between alcohol and unhealthy emotions. Whatever your reason is for exploring a substance-free lifestyle, it’s personal.

Sober curiosity can involve multiple things. Just as your reason for creating a mindful relationship between your mind and body may be different from someone else’s, the sober curious movement is inclusive.

Some who decide to try a sober curious lifestyle may make the decision based on:

  • Limiting alcohol intake
  • Reconsidering their use of alcohol
  • Not feeling that they have an addiction

Initially, you can begin your sober curious lifestyle with some or all of the following goals:

  • Explore why you drink
  • Attempt to discover your drinking patterns
  • Make mindful choices when at a gathering
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Become involved in groups or activities that are alcohol-free

Are There Benefits to Being Sober Curious?

When you decide to become mindful of why you turn to alcohol, you can begin to recognize behavioral patterns. Whether it’s a reaction to social pressure or mental health issues, these behaviors are crucial to understand.

Why? With every discovery you make about your alcohol use patterns, you understand more about yourself. For instance, if you get together and drink several drinks over a brief period, you should consider seeking help for a binge drinking issue.

Besides, stepping away from alcohol also means you won’t have to wake up with a hangover, wonder what you did the night before, or worry about risky behavior. After all, heavy drinking can affect your mental and physical health. Once you stop drinking, you can:

  • Address emotions like anxiety or depression
  • Increase your heart health
  • Lose weight

What if I Realize I Have an Alcohol Addiction?

One of the results of being sober curious is taking a long look at your drinking and behavior patterns. The following examples are common symptoms of an alcohol use disorder (AUD):

  • Troubles at work—failure to meet deadlines or finish projects
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Increasing the amount you drink to have the same effect you had when you began to drink
  • Financial problems

You can seek help for an AUD by entering a substance addiction treatment program.

Sober curiosity is a personal decision to explore your relationship with alcohol. As you begin to consider your drinking and behavior patterns mindfully, you can decide if you need to seek help for alcohol use or mental health disorder. The Guest House provides a quiet, secluded estate in Central Florida. Here you can look inward and explore how your physical and mental health are affected by alcohol. Our highly trained staff will guide you through your recovery. We believe your well-being is our priority. For more information, call (855) 483-7800.