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Recovery feels fantastic. In the beginning, recovery is rough. Full of new feelings, confronting old trauma, dealing with physical and psychological changes- recovery is exhausting as a new lifestyle. After a few months, recovery becomes more routine. Whatever someone is recovering from, be it trauma, addiction, mental health, or other issues, the pain starts to go away. Pain is steadily lessened the many “gifts” of recovery grow. Gratitude, healing, growth, learning, development, serenity, peace- these many spiritual gifts feel better than pain. We are most mistaken when we believe that these spiritual placeholders exist as opposed to pain. Since these spiritual experiences help us deal with pain, as well as feel better than pain, we might turn to them to try and make pain go away. We cannot bypass our pain, our trauma, or the very real experiences of the life we have been given to live. All of our spiritual tools help us to cope with pain by strengthening us to confront pain, walk through pain, understand pain, and ultimately, make peace with pain.

Everyone lives with some kind of pain. People who have lived through trauma, any life event which changes the way we see ourselves and our place in the world, know a very special kind of pain. Gaining and developing spiritual tools is world changing. Living without the constant weight and pressure of pain is also world changing. However, the world exists on an ongoing teeter-totter of good and bad, pain and freedom, suffering and serenity. We cannot bypass our painful experiences. Some call it karma, some call it the universe, some even call it God. Whatever it is that brings our experiences into our lives, we have an immense amount of wisdom to gain from them. By spiritually bypassing, by skipping the struggle, we skip the wisdom.

Spiritual bypassing is reaching for the feel good spiritual components of our lives in place of experiencing the fullness of our more difficult, painful emotional experiences. For example, we might choose forgiveness when we are angry. Forgiveness is a wonderful quality and a necessary resolution for anger. However, experiencing our anger, in a controllable, non destructive way, is empowering and important for our emotional intelligence. Forgiving without examining the roots of our anger and acknowledging our emotions is not really forgiving, no matter our intent.

All of our emotional experiences are necessary for our recovery from trauma. Making peace with our emotions is critical for sustaining our recovery, not running from them. Trauma recovery, in all of its forms, liberates us from running. Recovery is our time to move forward, take time to stand still, and heal in mind, body, and spirit.

Everyone has a story of trauma before they come treatment. Everyone leaves with a story of recovery when they leave treatment. The Guest House Ocala is a private treatment center specializing in the treatment of trauma, addictions, and related mental health issues. Your program of care is customized according to your specific experiences and needs. Our luxury amenities provide the highest level of quality care and comfort so you feel safe, supported, and serene. Call us today for information: 1-855-483-7800