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What Our Panic is Trying to Tell Us

Those of us struggling with addiction and mental health issues are no strangers to panic attacks and to the debilitating, paralyzing pain of panic. Sometimes when we think of our panic, we’re only considering the symptoms, the intense fear, the physical manifestations of hyperventilating and accelerated heart rates, our racing thoughts, and our inability to calm ourselves down. We don’t always take the time to look at our panic to decipher what it’s trying tell us. There are deeper meanings to our panic, and there is valuable healing information to be found within it.

When we are experiencing panic, we often have deeply rooted unresolved fears we have yet to address, confront and heal. There are intense fears residing within us, usually subconscious fears, that are causing us to feel unsafe, threatened and endangered. When we have a panic attack, there usually isn’t any form of danger present. There usually isn’t anything we actually have to fear in our current circumstances or in our lives. There’s no imminent threat or reason to feel so unsafe. Our fears are subconscious, meaning they’re outside of our conscious awareness, so we have to dig deep within ourselves to really understand them.

Let’s examine our panic attacks and explore what significance they hold for us. Let’s look at what we’re panicking about specifically, what brought on the panic attack, and what is triggering us. Let’s take time to figure out what it is in our lives, in our pasts, in the memory of our hearts that is still causing us so much intense fear and pain. Chances are we haven’t healed from a specific trauma, and the unhealed energy of it is still residing within us. We’re continuing to be affected by this energy even long after the initial trauma. The origins of our panic attacks are often in this pain, pain we have yet to really examine.

The purpose of our panic attacks, and all our mental health issues, is not to cause us more pain but to illuminate and clarify our pain for us and show us where we still need to heal. When we look at the deeper meanings behind why we’re panicking, why we’re in so much pain, why we’re feeling so much anguish and distress, we get clear direction on what we need to pay more attention to within ourselves and how we can go about healing our wounds.

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