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What Strategies Help Alumni Overcome Procrastination?

It is easy to say to yourself that you will work on it tomorrow. However, tomorrow comes and it does not get finished. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Trying to overcome procrastination is a difficult challenge for most people.

Almost everyone procrastinates at one time or another. For most people, it does not interfere with their daily lives. However, if you find yourself in a continuous cycle of procrastinating, there may be deeper reasons for this behavior. It is important to know that it is not your fault and there are ways to help you break this cycle.

What Does It Take To Overcome Procrastination?

Experts define procrastination as a self-defeating behavior pattern that affects short and long-term goals. Most people simplify define procrastination as “putting things off until the last minute.” Everyone recognizes procrastination in themselves. However, when a true habit is present, it is important to understand how this behavior may impact your recovery success.

According to a 2022 article published in Frontiers in Psychology, Procrastination can be an impediment to success, and may influence the individual’s mood, and increase the person’s anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.”

Procrastination and Recovery

If you procrastinate about achieving your treatment goals and feel bad about it, that’s natural. Most likely, procrastination was present even before you started treatment. Underlying issues may have been causing you to withdraw from life’s pressures and requirements. While that pattern is common and there is no shame in it, it can be helpful to explore those issues with support.

Learning how to overcome procrastination can be difficult, but it’s important, especially if procrastination is affecting several areas of your life. Some of those areas could include your work performance, your home, your finances, and your relationships.

Learn to Overcome Procrastination by Setting Small Goals

You may be wondering how you are going to overcome procrastination. Humorously, it is easy to procrastinate on learning how to overcome procrastination! However, one of the first things is to focus on setting small goals for yourself. Small goals will lead to bigger goals and help you to feel more accomplished throughout the day.

Sometimes goals can feel overwhelming to accomplish. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and lack of desire to take action. For example, you may come home from a rough day and realize that the garbage needs to be taken out. You are tired and sit down on the couch. Before you know it, you fall asleep, and you miss garbage day. A suggestion may be to practice rewarding yourself when you complete a small goal. Start with gathering the garbage up the day before, then reward yourself for doing that.

Be realistic with yourself when attempting to overcome procrastination. Considering your wants and needs and how to fulfill them will decrease the stress associated with your small goal. Remember that you can do everything you put your mind to. After all, you are in recovery, and that takes dedication and willpower in itself.

Overcome Procrastination Through Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is a powerful tool to use in recovery and all other facets of your life. Take time to recognize your behaviors and the reasons behind those behaviors. This can produce a change in perspective. When you recognize the “why” behind your actions, you have a higher probability of starting to overcome procrastination.

Acknowledge your feelings toward the task at hand and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What aspects of the task do I not want to do?
  • What feelings come up when I try to overcome procrastination?
  • What emotions do I associate with this task?
  • Will I feel the same in an hour?

Understanding the emotions behind the actions can give you a different perspective on why you are procrastinating. At times, you may not even recognize that an emotion is present when a task is at hand. To overcome procrastination, self-awareness needs to be present.

Practice Mindfulness to Overcome Procrastination

You probably have many things to work on in recovery. Most likely, you will work on many of these goals for the rest of your life. While you engage in such difficult work, it’s important to show yourself compassion. Showing yourself love through mindfulness can be beneficial in helping you overcome procrastination. Engaging in recovery and learning about yourself is just one example of demonstrating self-love.

Practicing mindfulness to promote self-awareness can be beneficial no matter where you are at in your journey. According to a 2020 article in Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy, the practice of mindfulness “has been performed for thousands of years and was traditionally taught to reduce the suffering of the human experience and to cultivate well-being.”

Mindfulness helps you to see a deeper meaning in life and relate it to recovery. For example, you can practice mindful techniques by utilizing your senses. Pay attention to how things feel around you or the small sounds you hear. Sometimes it is easy to disregard the small things. This is how mindfulness can guide you to become more self-aware.

Don’t Procrastinate About Calling The Guest House

It is easy to avoid picking up the phone and reaching out for help. At The Guest House, we know all about procrastination when it comes to getting the help you deserve. Sometimes as an alumni, you may think that you should know everything about recovery already. However, that isn’t possible. Everyone is on a lifelong journey of learning. Sometimes the best thing to do is ask for a helping hand.

At The Guest House, there is no judgment. We understand that community is the key to recovery. Know that we will do whatever it takes to help you to meet your goals.

Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone. If you feel it, then do it in the moment. What do you have to lose? What you will gain is another supportive person to walk beside you during an uncertain time. Overcoming procrastination is hard for everyone involved. Trying to understand the reasons you make the choices you do can feel stressful. However, sometimes all you need is a helping hand. Difficult emotions and stress are often the reasons we avoid certain things. No matter what the reasons are, The Guest House is here to help you. If you or someone you know is struggling with procrastination, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (855) 483-7800 today.