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What to Expect When You Are Discharged From RehabCompleting your rehab program is a huge accomplishment. It is certainly something to be proud of. If your facility was inpatient and you have been there for a significant amount of time, reintegrating into the real world can be both exciting and daunting, simultaneously. Leaving a place of structure and guidance might be a cause for anxiety. You may be emotional or nervous. The exciting news is that you can carry all of the things you learned from rehab into your life outside, to ensure that you continue to recover. The basis of life in rehab can act as outlines for your life in the outside world. 


Create A Daily Structure 

One of the aspects of rehab that is most beneficial is the daily routine that is typically instilled. Creating a similar structure that can work in your life can help you maintain discipline in your recovery. Waking up and going to sleep at the same time every day is not only a great way to add structure to your life but it is also healthy! Your body clock adjusts to this while you are in rehab and continuing it can positively shape your day. Eat your meals at the same time, and sit at the table to dine. Add the responsibilities that you learned in your facility to your everyday life. Make your bed in the morning, find time to meditate or practice mindfulness or exercise. Accomplish some chores once a day at a designated time. There are so many great things that the routine of rehab teaches us that can be implemented in our lives to keep us on a healthy path.


Continue Seeking Help

If you were in a facility with many other people and staff members, you are accustomed to having a support system in place every single day. Your counselors in rehab may have suggested that you continue this work after treatment, and that is essential when leaving the program. Finding a therapist or psychiatrist to help your recovery continue is a great way to honor the work you did in rehab and make it stronger. If you were in treatment for an addiction, finding a 12-Step program or meeting that is appropriate for you can be another way to maintain your progress. Build a support system in your own world of like-minded people who can encourage your recovery as well as specialists that may apply to your situation. Celebrate your recovery and incorporate what you have learned in rehab to further it!


If structure and guidance aren’t in your life, and you are struggling with addiction or mental health, The Guest House Ocala can help you find them! We have many great counselors and staff members and create an environment that is healthy for you to recover in. We would love to welcome you and get you started on your path to healing! Call The Guest House today at 855-483-7800.