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What Trauma Looks Like in Recovery

There may come a time where you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You have suffered from your trauma long enough, and drugs and alcohol can no longer cover the pain you feel.

Isolation, depression, and self-medicating are necessary to suppress the pain. Unfortunately, even this solution is no longer working.

Although you may not want to get sober, you know that your trauma will haunt you until you do. You will continue to suffer until you understand how trauma and addiction work together against you. 


Trauma becomes part of the past

Although you will never forget what happened to you, it’s possible to prevent it from ruling your life. Therapy and the 12-Steps are influential in helping you work through the pain and suffering that was caused by abuse, loss, violence, neglect, or any other stressful event.

Taking measures to understand how trauma has affected you can allow you to move on and focus on your recovery. 


Trauma becomes part of your program 

You drank or used because you could not function with the agonizing fears and misery surrounding your trauma. Getting treatment for your drug and alcohol addiction can propel you to work through the issues that caused you to use and drink in the first place.

Healing from your trauma establishes control and negates the powerlessness you feel over your trauma and addiction. Taking action as part of your recovery program can and should go hand-in-hand with recovering from trauma. 


Trauma becomes part of your recovery

Think of trauma as the broken bones of the soul. For these broken bones to heal, recovery must be implemented.

Comprehending how recovery can rehabilitate your trauma and addiction with some effort is essential. You can start improving your self-worth and expanding your sense of value.

Your recovery will begin to lighten the load of your trauma and give you a new purpose in life beyond the pain. 


Please understand that if you are experiencing trauma and using drugs and alcohol to suppress the anguish, you need to get treated. You deserve to live a fulfilling life that goes beyond your trauma and addiction into your long term recovery.  


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