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What We Can Learn From Children

When we’re working to recover from our addictions and mental illnesses, there are some lessons we can take from the wisdom of children, from the perspective they have on the world and the ways in which they look at life. We associate childhood with innocence and naiveté, but there is an intelligence in children than we often take for granted and find ourselves looking past. We’re quick to discount and dismiss what children might have to teach us, but there are countless things we can learn from children, both in life and in recovery. 

Appreciation and Gratitude

One thing that children do instinctively is show appreciation for the small things in life. To children, these things aren’t small. They’re important, powerful, meaningful and impactful. Observing children, we see them get excited and inspired by even the smallest things, the things we might consider to be insignificant. We can have this same appreciation for everything in our lives, whether big or small, whether hugely impactful or not. We can have gratitude for all of our good fortune, for how far we’ve come in our recovery, for having the chance to get well. We can have appreciation for our loved ones and the people helping us to recover, for the life experiences we’ve had, for all the lessons we’re learning along the way. When we cultivate a mentality of gratitude and appreciation, we’re more likely to see the blessings all around us, which makes us increasingly more positive and hopeful.

Curiosity and Exploration

Children are naturally curious, and they are instinctive explorers. They will examine anything they don’t understand in more depth, asking questions, undertaking their own research, trying to learn as much as possible. We can implement this kind of curiosity in our own lives. We can begin to actively examine ourselves and our lives more closely, looking for all the lessons to be learned. We can explore the difficult things we’re going through, remaining curious about them rather than rejecting them out of fear and self-doubt. We can drop our resistance to things we find challenging and instead open ourselves to them and everything they have to teach and offer us. In this way, our curiosity can lead to our growth and learning, just as it does for children.

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