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What We Can Look Forward to with Our Sobriety

Sometimes when we think of our sobriety, we associate it with all of the difficulties, all of the stress, all of the challenges and obstacles to overcome. We think of the withdrawal symptoms, both emotional and physical. We think of having to give up our relationship with our drug of choice, one that was full of dependence and attachment but which gave us comfort and relief from our pain. We think we’ll be suffering endlessly, unable to cope without the drug, behavior or addictive relationship we’ve come to rely upon. We feel uncertainty and fear about what’s to come. We feel dread. We feel pessimistic about our chances of recovering successfully. We feel self-doubt and insecurity. One thing we can do to help ourselves shift our perspective is to focus on everything we have to look forward to with our sobriety.

Sobriety is self-liberation. Sobriety is freedom from dependence, neediness and attachment. It’s freedom from the compulsiveness, impulsiveness and obsessiveness that control our lives. We’re breaking our reliance on something toxic outside of ourselves and allowing ourselves to find our strength and our centeredness within ourselves. Sobriety teaches us healthy coping skills that are effective, that empower us, and that aren’t fear-based defense mechanisms designed to protect us from more pain but which end up hurting us more in the long run. Sobriety gives us newfound clarity and vision to rediscover our purpose and our deeper life’s meaning. It gives us independence and autonomy in our lives. It gives us the power to self-actualize, to self-motivate and to make our dreams come true. It gives us the inspiration to focus on our strengths and talents, something many of us haven’t done since we first developed a problem with addiction.

When we finally get sober, we have the chance to discover new ways to have fun and to celebrate life that don’t involve drugs, alcohol and addictive behaviors. We get to have sober fun and adventures that don’t involve horrible hangovers, dangerous choices and toxic relationships. We get to wake up the next day without the bitterness of disappointment, shame, remorse and regret. We get to look forward to the next day, and to the rest of our lives, without the heavy weight of our addictions and all the pain they cause us hanging over our heads and consuming our hearts.

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