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When Old Wounds Are Reopened, Survivors Are Retraumatized: Part Two

Memory floods and reliving trauma applies to those who have been in avoidance of their trauma as well. There is a difference between memories being inaccessible due to repression and memories going untouched due to denial and/or avoidance. Anecdotal evidence from millions recovering trauma have proven time and time again that avoidance is an unsustainable approach to coping with trauma. Eventually, some trigger is the trigger to set the trauma off. Trauma cannot be silenced because trauma begs to be healed, resolved, and ultimately released. Individuals who have lived with the horror of certain traumas have to face the painful parts of their past for the first time.

Not often enough does the media take a turn to ask the victims of trauma about what it was like, what they have gone through, and what it is like living with the reality of their trauma. Increasingly, the media is learning to care more about the victims of trauma than the success a headline about trauma can create. In part, this may be due to the many studies which have pointed out that symptoms of trauma and the onset of PTSD can be due to third party experiences- like digesting trauma-saturated news coverage of an event or topic.

While talking and thinking about the trauma can certainly cause discomfort, there is a therapeutic element to the media discussing trauma on a public level. For those who have worked to process their trauma, their symptoms of trauma and/or PTSD might temporarily worsen as their mind and body are reminded of the traumatic event. On the other hand, for those who have never confronted their trauma, it can seem like the trauma is happening all over again in an entirely new way. Some symptoms of trauma and PTSD may be brand new and do not go away over time.

Watching trauma take place on screen through news coverage or fictional depiction can be extremely difficult and painful. Knowing that thousands, potentially millions, of others around the world have suffered the same emotional distress can be equally as difficult to grapple with as the reality of the trauma itself. Coping with the empathy and compassion for others can be healing yet challenging at the same time.

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