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Which Kind Of Trauma Affects Us The Most?

The understanding of trauma as a universally shared experience is widely spreading. Increasingly, we are beginning to see that every human being on earth is vulnerable to trauma and that each one of those precious beings will respond to the trauma stories of their life in a distinctly unique way. As a result of the trauma they experience in their lifetime, they will develop certain patterns of behavior, thinking, feeling, understanding, learning, loving, trusting, communicating, relating, and more.

Despite the growing recognition of trauma’s universality, old programming persists in leading people to believe that some trauma is worse than others. On paper, there are certainly some traumatic events which seem more significant than others. For example, when the idea of PTSD was first being developed, it was through the context of veterans of war struggling to cope with the realities of what they lived through on the battlefield. Yet psychological professionals noticed that civilians of every kind who had not survived the atrocities of war had many of the same trauma symptoms as these brave soldiers. Civilians were fighting other battles in their lives, witnessing wars of a thousand different colors. Soldiers in their own right, the toll of their life experiences added up in different ways. Today, it is understood that there is no one kind of trauma which might be more impactful than another. Trauma is our response to the events in our life which make us question who we are, the world we live in, and our place in the world. Trauma is the way our body, mind, and spirit, responds to what is a often a tumultuous overturn in this very basic internal knowledge.

“When we consider even the most benign or loving experiences in our life, every experience we have in a lifetime is imprinted on our senses, on our spirit, and on our soul,” Judy Crane writes in The Trauma Heart. “Trauma events have a huge and lasting impression…as do the joyful, life-affirming events.”

We are most affected by the trauma which affects us the most, simply put. All of our life experiences affect us in some way. When we are affected negatively and experience negative results, we are affected by the trauma of that experience. Not one trauma stands out against the other, is more worthy of treatment than the other, or should be looked down upon for its seemingly pail comparison against another. Your story deserves to be heard, liberated, and healed. If you are being affected by trauma, it is time to find recovery. Call The Guest House Ocala today for information on our treatment programs for traumas, addictions, and related mental health issues.

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