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Why Am I So Afraid to Leave?

When we’re in any kind of relationship with an addict, there are so many factors at play that keep us in that relationship even when we feel we’re being hurt. Our love makes us protective, and we want to protect our loved ones from harm, which very often is of their own doing. We want to show them that we’ll always be there for them and that we’ll never give up on them. This can be especially true for those of us who have dealt with our fears of abandonment or neglect, particularly those of us who have deep fears stemming from past traumatic experiences. When we have felt betrayed, we can be that much more determined not to make our loved ones feel that type of pain. We often are afraid to leave this person and end the relationship, even when we’re in danger. Why are we so afraid to leave?

Fears of Harm and Abuse

As we know, addiction and abuse often go hand in hand. When we’re being abused in a relationship, we often feel threatened if we dare leave. Our fears are very real and are not unfounded. Those of us who have experienced physical abuse are often afraid to leave the addicts in their lives out of fear that they’ll hurt us even worse than before. We live in constant fear, always looking over our shoulder, terrified they’ll hurt our children or other loved ones, trying to anticipate what the next incident of abuse might be.

Fears of Abandonment and Loss

Sometimes the addicts in our lives have grown to be very dependent on us. They either can’t cope on their own, or they convince us that they can’t as one of their manipulation tactics. We’re afraid to distance ourselves and leave them alone, seeing them as helpless and defenseless. We’re afraid of what might happen if we do leave, how they might hurt themselves, or what further trouble they’ll incur for themselves. We’re afraid of making them feel abandoned and neglected or that they’ll hold our decision to leave against us. As a result of this relationship we too can become codependent, fearing that we won’t be able to cope without them either.

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