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Resistance to getting help is one of the biggest blocks to recovering from addiction. We have a hard time expressing to others that we’re struggling. Addicted people tend to hide both their pain and their dependencies. We resist going to rehab, even when we know it will help us. Fear usually drives this kind of fierce opposition. Why are we so afraid to get help?

Fear of Judgment

Sometimes it is our fear of being judged and perceived as weak that keeps us from getting help. We may have already experienced people looking down on us for being addicts. Our histories with addiction, and the mistakes we’ve made, have left us beyond redemption and forgiveness. Fear of judgment is a driving force for many of us. Unfortunately, it becomes a significant impediment that blocks us from progressing in every area of our lives. We keep ourselves from getting the help we need because we’re afraid of what people will think of us. It’s terrifying to identify as an addict or an alcoholic, but it can be a therapeutic step in recovery.

Loss of Independence

Sometimes we’re afraid to get help because we don’t want to give up our independence. We don’t want to have to reconfigure our lives and lose the freedom we crave. Living with other people or allowing strangers to take care of us feels restrictive. Allowing the input of other people into our lives is an unacceptable compromise. We associate getting help with dependence upon the people who help us. This would make us feel or appear weak, and we can’t accept that. We don’t want to feel defenseless and unable to take care of ourselves. Likewise, we don’t want to admit that we haven’t adequately taken care of ourselves. Our problems have gotten out of control, and it’s hard to admit this fact to others. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that we can’t take care of everything on our own.

Making the vital decision to get the help we need means overcoming our fears of being judged and of losing our independence. We come to discover that happiness comes from changing our lives. The joy of recovery far outweighs any of the fears we’ve been clinging to.¬†

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