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Why Do Creative Artists and Others Struggle More with Addiction?

Alcohol and drug use are not a part of the creative process, in spite of what some people may think. Sometimes people who are creative do things that are awesome and amazing, but they also do things that are self-destructive. They become addicted to drugs or alcohol as a means of controlling other aspects of their lives or as a symptom of mental illness. They may also struggle because they took it one time and never were able to quit. There have been arguments about why creative artists and people become addicted, but it is still a mystery why it happens to so many.

The Brain and Drugs

People whose minds and lives are controlled by alcohol or drugs are not necessarily more creative as a result of it. Addiction is not a shortcut to success. Talented people who struggle with drugs and alcohol should be loved and treated and supported the best they can. Their dependence on alcohol and drugs should not be seen as a source of creativity. They may simply be a very creative person who fell into addiction and feels trapped inside. The brain becomes addicted and craves the drug so it is harder to quit. Depending on how they were raised, they may not be sure how to get out of the loop of addiction and rehab or even go to rehab for the first time. 

Unusual Perspectives

People who are creative have a different outlook on life. Sometimes they are introverts, sometimes extroverts, or anywhere in between. They may struggle to deal with information processing in the usual way or have anxiety and depressive symptoms. What makes them creative may also drive them to drink or use drugs to cope with their feelings. Highly creative people break through constraints and let in a lot more information they need to organize. Thus, they are more susceptible to the triggers to use drugs and drink. 

Being Honest

Creative types are more honest and open than others. They like to share information about themselves through their craft and live lives of vulnerability. This puts them at a disadvantage in that they are so open sometimes they often struggle to find themselves and know who their true self is deep down. To be honest, means opening up to the possibility of getting hurt. People who are creative may be more sensitive to criticism or may not be, but it can still be hurtful to have their art critiqued. Finding a way to embrace this without spiraling out and using drugs or drinking is a key to recovery for those with creative spirits. 

The Guest House helps people with creative spirits find that calling again without alcohol or drugs. We are a rehab center that focuses on individual plans for addiction rehab. We believe you are able to overcome addiction with support, community, and the right help when you are ready. If you are creative, a professional, or someone looking for help with addiction, we are here to help. Call us to find out more: 855-483-7800.