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Most people will experience trauma in their lifetime. Everyone is likely to encounter a traumatic event either in the first person, second person, or even a third person account. Few of those people in a small percentage will experience the effects of post traumatic stress disorder. Few will develop any kinds of symptoms of trauma. Many others, however, will be affected by the trauma in some way and will live with that traumatic event, as well as the symptoms of trauma.

Each traumatic event is different as everyone interprets trauma differently. Trauma can be physical, verbal, visual, or auditory. Trauma often feels like surviving. “Survivor guilt” is a common experience among people who make it through a traumatic event in their lives. Other people may have died, like if someone survives a car accident. Even in an event where other people did not perish, there is always knowledge that someone else, somewhere else in the world has experienced this same trauma and maybe they did not survive. Guilt is a core component in trauma and PTSD. During the holidays, where the culture is full of celebration and gratitude, survivor’s guilt can be especially strong and those who are trying to cope with trauma, struggle.

Why am I here? Why was I spared? Why do I have the chance to live this life and others do not? The truth is that the experience of living life on a human on earth can be traumatizing enough in itself. Life on earth is not created equal, unfortunately, and people every day, all over the earth, are having extremely different experiences. While one lives in safety and security, another lives in poverty and danger. We can easily be consumed with guilt to a toxic level and take away from our lives. Our lives, as they are, are a gift. Learning to live and cope with living is the great challenge of anyone who is alive.

The Guest House Ocala welcomes you with open arms to our private, concierge style treatment programs for trauma and related issues. There is no time like the present to seek treatment and change your life. Everyone has a story. Change yours today.

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