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Why Do We Question Our Faith?

For many of us struggling with addiction and mental illness, our faith in a higher power is something we’ve been able to rely upon in difficult times, to hold us steady as we undertook emotional journeys and overcame life hurdles. Our faith gives us comfort, peace, and solace. It reminds us we’re going to be okay, and that no challenge is going to last forever. It shows us we’re not alone, even when we have no tangible, visible association for our faith. Our faith is represented by how we feel, our devotion and gratitude to a higher power, not by something we can see or touch. We feel encouraged and supported by our faith. We feel lifted up by it, held and nurtured by it, grounded and reinforced by it. It gives us determination, motivation, and strength. It means so much to us, in our daily lives, and in all the difficult things we’ve gone through. Why, then, do we begin to question our faith when it’s been a steadfast presence in our lives for so long?

Grieving A Loss Of Faith 

Many of us question our faith because of the pain we’ve incurred from years of living with addiction and mental illness, both of which can be completely debilitating for us. We don’t understand how our higher power could allow us to suffer so much. We struggle to make sense of how our higher power could put us through these horribly painful tests if it loves us so much if we’re manifestations of it. We don’t feel protected or safeguarded by our higher power. We feel abandoned, neglected and betrayed by it. We feel it has turned its back on us. We feel totally alone with our pain. For many of us, our higher power was all we felt we had, especially if we didn’t have family or friends to rely on, so feeling abandoned now, when we’re suffering and in such times of darkness, can feel excruciating.

Perhaps it is part of the spiritual test of our addictions and mental health issues to feel our faith tested in these ways. Perhaps part of the recovery process is questioning our faith, strengthening it, returning to it after distancing ourselves from it, and feeling empowered by it once again. This means that when we doubt our faith, it’s all part of the healing process, even when it’s most painful, even when we feel most alone. The act of answering difficult questions for ourselves, praying, going within, and searching our hearts and spirits, rebuilds our faith and makes it stronger than ever.

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