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Why Does Substance Abuse Hits Pro Athletes and How Can They Can Seek Help?

Athletes can abuse drugs to enhance or improve athletic performance, deal with stress or other career challenges. Drug abuse is more common than people think, which ends up with athletes struggling to find hope. Find out what drugs they do, how it happens, and how to offer help for loved ones struggling. 

Why Athletes Use Drugs

When athletes use drugs, they may turn to it to improve athletic performance. This can give them a slight edge on the competition. Although this is illegal (doping), it still happens. Some drug use is not for performance, but for other reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Mental health issues: athletes are less likely to receive treatment for mental health issues. They may use drugs and alcohol to treat them instead
  • Pressure: the job of an athlete is filled with pressure to win, improve performance, or recover from an injury. Athletes who suffer physical injuries may use drugs to deal with the pain. They may begin to misuse prescriptions which leads to dependence
  • Retirement: once their athlete season ends, they are faced with retirement (often at an early age). Drugs and alcohol are one way to manage this stress

Seeking Help

Although athletes can find themselves struggling with addiction, there are recovery programs that can help them navigate recovery. Inpatient programs focus on intense therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, and housing while they seek treatment. In outpatient programs, they don’t live on-site and can focus on intensive outpatient treatment a few days per week. Twelve-step programs are based on the philosophy of AA. these programs help break through denial. Mental health issues are also a challenge for athletes in recovery. They often need dual diagnosis treatment to focus on healing in recovery.  Depression, anxiety, and pre-existing mental health disorders can overtake an athlete. Specialized treatment programs are available to help people who struggle with dual diagnosis issues. These programs offer targeted therapies. Medication may be offered to help people in recovery from opioid and alcohol addictions. Methadone may be used to help prevent withdrawal symptoms, but can also be addictive. 

The treatment protocol depends a lot on what people need and how they receive help. The goal of treatment is to offer therapy and support to understand the underbelly of why they are addicted, help them detox and get clean, then enter recovery and find their path going forward.

The Guest House provides a special focus for professionals including chiropractors, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and more who need help with addiction recovery. Athletes are often overlooked when it comes to mental health and addiction. We are there to help them discover what they need and get them support. Call us to find out more: 855-483-7800.