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Many a piece of literature written in social commentary focuses on the global obsession with happiness and the distractions being happy causes us. Happiness feels good. Happiness is better for us. However, happiness which comes at the expense of all of our other normal, regular, human emotions and feelings, is not authentic happiness. Happiness is a naturally occurring emotional experience. Happiness can also be a coping mechanism, desperately sought in opposition to other, less happy, emotional experience.

The widespread misinformation regarding mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and trauma, is problematic for many reasons. Firstly, people are unaware of what living with a mental illness is truly like. Second, because people are unaware of what living with a mental illness is really like, they are unaware of what really works to help someone heal from, as well as live with, a mental illness. Thirdly, without proper information, people make assumptions and offer those assumptions to those suffering with mental illness. Though their suggestions may be innocent, ultimately they are harmful.

Happiness as we see it, is the normal and anything which looks different than happiness is a direct threat to the illusion of stability happiness brings. When people are not happy or do not appear happy, that can be difficult for those unaware of mental illness to comprehend. They wonder, why can’t that person just be happy? How could someone struggle to be and feel happy? Happiness becomes a standardization of “normal”. Anyone who isn’t happy or doesn’t feel they can be happy is not “normal”.

The answer isn’t always happiness because happiness is not the norm. Each person operates differently in their life. What is “normal” for one person may not be “normal” for another person. Most people are capable of experiencing happiness, but may experience it in different ways. Should someone struggle with a mental illness which puts stress on the emotional experience of happiness, they are seen as not “normal” because they aren’t happy all of the time.

Learning to be happy and learning to be not happy is par for the course when you are in recovery from trauma, addictions, and related mental health issues. Treatment helps you embrace all of your emotional experiences and live with them in as much peace and harmony as possible.

Everyone has a story. At The Guest House Ocala, you and your story are welcomed with open arms to our residential treatment programs for trauma and related issues. Call us today for information on our concierge customization and individualized treatment programs: 1-855-483-7800