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Most people in the world will experience trauma in their lifetime. Many of those people will experience symptoms of trauma as a result. Only some of them will experience the development of PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. A large percentage of people, unfortunately, will live their lives with struggle in their mental health, unaware of the roots in trauma. We live in a society largely uninformed about trauma. As a result, millions of people live without seeking healing through trauma therapy and trauma treatment.

Each person experiences trauma differently. Even if the event is exactly the same, everybody’s trauma is different- the response to trauma is different, the impact trauma has is different. Trauma is incredibly isolating, often leading people to believe that the uniqueness of their trauma experience leaves them entirely alone in the world. When we can realize that our trauma is unique, but the fact that we have experienced trauma and been impacted by trauma is not unique, we are instantaneously empowered. We find freedom. We find peace. We find hope.

Trauma treatment and trauma therapy are extremely important parts of the healing process. Hearing the stories of others and sharing in the confidential therapeutic process helps us to realize we are not alone. If other people can heal, so can we. Attending a residential trauma treatment program like the programs offered here at The Guest House can be a life-changing time in life.

Your therapeutic process matters because your life matters. Healing from trauma is a journey in life that is intense and exhausting, but “rewarding beyond measure” as author and trauma therapist Judy Crane once said. The therapeutic rapport you build with your trauma therapist and treatment team is critical to building the safety, confidence, and trust necessary for supporting your journey. At The Guest House we offer concierge level customization for each guest’s treatment plan, meeting their specific needs for healing. Trauma work is a new level of commitment which can only find success with the right clinical support.

Together, we learn to address all of the pain we have been avoiding in our life. We walk hand in hand to the other side of trauma where we can live in and embrace all of the mysterious beauty that is life, not just pain exclusively. We can live without the pain of trauma. We can heal our wounded hearts. The Guest House Ocala is here to show you the way.

The Guest House Ocala specializes in the treatment of trauma, addictions, and related mental health issues like anxiety. Everyone has a story. If you are living with unmanageable anxiety as a result of trauma it is critical for you to know, you are not alone. Help is available. You can and you will recover. Call us today for information on our custom plans of treatment and our private luxury care: 1-855-483-7800