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Why is Accountability Key to Healing in Recovery?

Addiction is difficult to overcome. Sometimes, people who deal with substance abuse and dependence feel isolated during the addiction because they’ve pushed people away and are solely focused on addiction. It can be hard for a person to interact with others. Many are struggling with addiction issues and have guilt and shame, also. They may withdraw from others as an attempt to avoid facing the truth about their issues with drugs or alcohol. It is hard to deal with the reality of addiction. Accountability is one of the best ways to manage to heal in recovery.

Avoidance Issues

People who have an addiction are likely experts in avoiding responsibility. They avoid issues that need to be dealt with over time because their brains and bodies cannot handle addiction any longer. To be accountable means to take responsibility for one’s behaviors. When it comes to recovery, the definition becomes more specific. People who work to overcome drug or alcohol addiction struggle to stay on track. Their bodies and minds have grown dependent. People who struggle will place blame for behavior and actions on substances they’ve been using. They also use drug or alcohol addiction as a reason to get out of certain scenarios that may make them feel uneasy. Recovery requires people to face their emotions and heal.   Confronting difficulties are about giving the motivation to heal and work on the underlying root causes of addiction. When someone avoids accountability, they may:

  • Go through professional treatment but not really look at addiction
  • Develop transfer addictions
  • Make excuses
  • Not accept responsibility for their choices
  • Blame others

Without accountability, individuals who go through treatment will struggle to break free from the bondage of addiction. Blaming others for problems prevents them from finding a solution. Avoiding accountability creates an obstacle and people who struggle to remain accountable during treatment will struggle more.

Finding Partners

Accountability partners are people who can help with a 12-step type program where they look for professional help. When 12-step programs are mentioned, people think of many things. They often forget addiction recovery is a lifelong journey. A partner on the journey may keep a person accountable by supporting them with help when they feel triggered when cravings come, or as they deal with the reality of addiction, they begin to come out of the fog and deal with hard truths about themselves. People with addiction can realize that accountability is helpful, even necessary, as part of the journey to finding a way back back to recovery and hope. 

Guest House provides quality care for clients seeking support for addiction recovery. Our goal is to help you notice what is going well for you and what is challenging. We hope to support you in celebrating life on the other side of addiction when you come to us for detox, therapy, and rehab services. We want to help you stay accountable to your goal of being clean and sober. For more information on sober living programs for men and women as well as recovery programs, call 855-483-7800.