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Many people struggle with asking for help, but why is it so hard to ask others to help you? The reasoning for that struggle looks different for everyone. Some people will avoid asking for help because they are insecure, while others feel as if they should be able to handle every situation that gets thrown at them. Others struggle to ask for help because they fail to fully accept that they need help. However, asking for help can be amazingly beneficial. Your mental health is essential and should be made a priority. If you find yourself struggling to ask for help, here are a few different suggestions to help you become comfortable asking for help. 


Acknowledge That You Are Struggling


If you are struggling, acknowledge that. What is going wrong? Who is involved? How would you change the situation if you could? When we can admit that a situation has not gone as we wanted it to, we will probably have an easier time accepting and asking for help. 


Talk With Your Loved Ones


Talk with your loved ones about the struggles you are facing. When you can open up about what is bothering you and talk through the situation, it can help you. Talking through the problem can help us find alternative solutions or what we want out of the situation. 


Determine Your Goals


Determine your goals. If you are struggling to think up goals, know that you are not alone. To develop goals, ask yourself a few questions: Where do you see yourself five years from now? Do you see yourself in the same position you are in today? Try to create goals that will help elevate yourself and form the best version of yourself possible. 


Asking for help can be extremely hard to do. Everyone is on a unique journey to success, health, and happiness, and everyone faces unique challenges every day. If you struggle to ask for help, remember that you have terrific people surrounding you that want to support you through your struggles and your successes. Try to acknowledge your feelings and open up to those around you. The staff members at The Guest House know how challenging it is to ask for help. It can be scary and overwhelming. The fear of change often strikes, creating the desire to not talk about what is bothering us. Luckily, we are here to help and support you through your journey of recovery. Call us today to learn more at (855) 483-7800.