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Everyone recovers from trauma differently because each person is an individual. Additionally, each person’s individual or multiple traumas are different. What one person takes on as trauma in their life will look different from what another person will take on as trauma in their life- both the traumatic event itself and their response to the traumatic event. Judy Crane, author of The Trauma Heart defines trauma as any single life event or series of life events which drastically alter the way one sees themselves, the world around them, and their place in that world. No matter the trauma- what it was, how it happened, or how it affected us, two things are for certain. First, nobody deserves to go through trauma. Second, everyone can recover from trauma, and it takes an inside job to do so.

Actress Ashley Judd was one of the first women to speak out about sexual assault and sexual harassment in Hollywood at the precipice of today’s #MeToo movement. She spoke with Refinery 29 about how trauma, healing, and recovery being an inside job. “It was not our birthright to be sexually harassed or assaulted or raped based on social constructs of gender, biology, sex, identity, orientation, ethnicity, race, ability, or any intersection thereof,” she aptly explained. “It is our birthright to know in our bones that it wasn’t our fault.” She emphasized that “We humans…can make decisions and take actions that free us.”

Seeking treatment for trauma is one of the actions you can take to begin the healing process. Understand, that going to treatment isn’t a cure all. Recovery from trauma takes work. Each day you will be challenged in varying therapy groups. Each approach is designed and customized to help you complete the “inside job” that is your recovery from trauma. Trauma cannot be healed externally. There is no single person or entity who can recover for you. Recovery does not happen from the outside in, but the inside out because trauma lives in your mind, your body, and your spirit.

Judd explained that “It’s an inside job…It is peace of mind…It does take work, and it does take time. It requires transformation, and we are worth it.”

You are worth the work of recovering from trauma. The Guest House Ocala offers concierge customization for trauma treatment programs, providing the highest luxury and accommodation from our Ocala, Florida estate. Call us today for information on our private treatment programs for recovery from trauma, addictions, mental illness, and more. 1-855-483-7800