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Why is Sobriety Lonely (and How Can People Make Sober Friends)? 

Being alone can have myriad benefits but it may also be challenging for some people. In recovery, sobriety can feel lonely at first. It is a time when friends and places that are familiar may go away for a time, or forever. Positive growth and development are essential for long-lasting sobriety. Find some positive, constructive ways to make sober friends and build a more fulfilling recovery journey. 

Enjoy the Solitude

Solitude is something everyone needs at some point. Being with others too much can overwhelm the senses. It is challenging to appreciate this time, especially as it is a learned behavior. Anxiety, fear, and negative emotions surrounding being alone these days. Social media teaches us, and regular media, to be on a 24-hour cycle of knowing what is happening at all times and be hyper-connected. Take time away to be alone now and again but don’t make it a habit that creates isolation. 

Find Where Loneliness Lives

Loneliness afflicts everyone at some point in recovery. It is how a person handles it that counts. Continuing through treatment, people often learn how to deal more effectively with the challenges they face. Giving time to reflect on the loneliness helps to understand where it comes from and how it pops up. Some of the reasons might include:

  • Isolating too much from the sober community
  • Feeling depressed, anxious, or struggling with mental health and physical issues
  • Past trauma that is unaddressed

Coping with loneliness can feel overwhelming. Having sober friends and therapists to speak with about it can be helpful. 

Positive Coping Strategies

When feeling lonely, it can help to navigate the journey of recovery in this way. Positive coping strategies are important. This might include going to find exercise and sport or social clubs. Taking continuing education classes or going out to find professional organizations revolving around the current or aspirational career choices. Going into the public domain to find others who are doing what is desired is helpful, too. 

The Guest House Ocala understands hope is part of the journey of healing in recovery. Isolation is common at first but don’t let it become a habit. If a loved one is isolated inside addiction, we can help. Call us to find out how to get started: 1-855-483-7800