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Your “why” is the gatekeeper between your past and present. Moving forward takes an understanding of why you turned to use substances as a way to escape. When you become aware of past triggers, patterns, and behaviors, you become less inclined to follow the same patterns again. Understanding your past and what you can change gives you the tools needed to build the foundation of lasting recovery. Abstaining from drugs is the first step toward healing your spirit and uncovering what makes you experience joy and feel purpose.

How to Discover Your Why

You might feel a sense of loss or emptiness when you stop using substances. Years of using could create this feeling of having a hole or void that you do not know how to fill. You might also experience thoughts of wondering what you will or who you will be. These might be uncomfortable, but understand that you are choosing a new beginning to create a new path for yourself. Instead of asking yourself what you will do and who you will be, try asking more specific questions to help you think proactively about moving forward to discover your why.

What Do I love?

Active substance use can often involve feelings of shame and guilt. Instead, take the opportunity of recovery to focus on your strengths and reconnect with the things you love.

How Do I define fulfillment?

Living your true purpose does not mean living someone else’s idea of how your life should look. How do you define success?

What Are My Values?

Substance use can take you away from your values, not toward them. Remember, the substance is no longer in charge.

What Are My Dreams?

It is never too late to pursue life goals and dreams. Look for opportunities to connect with friends, family, and the pursuits that bring out your passions. Don’t limit yourself.

Working with individuals to discover their why is one thing we focus on here at Guest House. Finding your why begins with helping people stop using drugs and other substances. Sobriety is the first step toward starting your recovery journey to uncover the underlying causes and triggers that feed your substance use. At Guest House, we offer both conventional and alternative therapies to ensure that you are getting the treatment to meet your needs. We believe that each individual has their path toward sustaining recovery. To learn more, call us today at (855) 483-7800.