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We have all seen the isolating effects of the global pandemic. The call to “flatten the curve” made many of us in the recovery world squirm as we feared the unknown. Shelter in place orders kept recovery meetings from being held. Hugging recovery friends and celebrating milestones were interrupted by a virus with no countermeasures but social distancing and isolation. 


What we realized is recovery is not just the building we meet in. Recovery is everywhere. Even though there is still no vaccination, the antidote to isolation has become holding recovery wherever we can. This proves that recovery will prevail, and isolation does not have to be so bad going forward.


Recovery still provides the solution

True to its humble beginnings in the 1930s, recovery today is relatively the same. The solution is one person helping another to stay sober. Being of service to one another is the solution now, just as it was back then. Isolation does not have to put an end to the concept of being of service.


Recovery still provides support

We still have all the same tools in place that give us support. Phone calls and texting are still available, after all. You need to know that you are not alone. We are here to offer encouragement and guidance to help you get through the trying times that crop up during recovery. 


Recovery still works online

Thank goodness for all the technological advances we have today. When we could not have in-person meetings, we moved them online. Virtual meetings popped up across the country and around the world during all hours of the day. Not to mention, mental healthcare services started meeting in video chat platforms too. In the future, it’s quite easy to imagine that recovery may become a hybrid program – part online and part in-person. 


Recovery is as strong as ever because we know that our lives depend upon it. We paid attention to what needed to happen, long before isolation orders rolled out. This preparedness helped us kick the solution into high gear during and after isolation. What is exciting is that even when physical meetings were suspended, the recovery world virtually held hands and continued to invite everyone to keep coming back. 


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