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Why Should I Identify As A Newcomer

Once you make your way into your first AA or NA meeting, you might call for newcomers to identify themselves. While you may be in the first 30 days of sobriety, you feel you are not ready to come out to complete strangers about your personal business. You are at a crossroads with the suggestion to identify as a newcomer and are unsure what to do. The decision to say your name, the nature of your disease, and that you are a newcomer at the beginning of the meeting will help you stay sober. Letting the group know that you are a newcomer will serve you well, and here are a few reasons you should.

You Are The Most Important Person In The Room.

Although you may feel terrible about yourself, everyone in the meeting wants to encourage and support you. Yes, being around new people is scary. Still, the sooner you accept their kindness, the sooner you will be able to do the same with other newcomers that come into a meeting. Then, you will understand why the newcomer gives the program of recovery a critical purpose. Everyone wants to provide the newcomer with an incentive to keep coming back.

Part of the process of recovery is accepting the suggestions that are passed down to help keep you sober. By merely identifying as a newcomer, you are allowing others to see you become vulnerable, which will be a tremendous asset in your recovery. Willingness is a spiritual principle that will serve as part of the foundation of your recovery.

You Are Opening Yourself Up For Support.

Usually, when a hand reaches out, you disregard it because you believe you do not need anyone. When the hand of recovery reaches out, hold on for dear life. You will not be able to stay sober without the support that is being offered to you. Take advantage of their altruism, and you will benefit from what they offer you on your journey.

When you are identifying as a newcomer, remember that everyone in the meeting has already been in your shoes. No one is there to chastise you for your past mistakes or make you feel worse than you already do. People in recovery are the best allies to have on your side in early sobriety. They will show you the armor to put on in the early days of your recovery.

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