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Meditating is trendy these days. It seems as though meditation is the thing to do. With apps like Headspace gaining global notoriety for the simplistic way it makes mindful meditation accessible, it is hard to give a good reason as to why you shouldn’t meditate. Meditation is full of positive benefits for mind, body, and spirit. Only few studies have found that meditation could have a negative effect, most often on people who have experienced significant trauma in their life and have not yet taken therapeutic steps to recover. The idea of meditating can be daunting to some because the idea of being alone with their thoughts is intimidating. Guided mindfulness meditation is one of the least invasive and uncomfortable forms of meditation. A calm and soothing voice guides you through the various stages of a meditation practice, gently instructing your mind to focus on your breathing, notice your thoughts, and be aware of your body. Simple, spiritual, and effective.

You should meditate because you can. You should meditate because it is good for you. Most importantly, you should meditate because meditation and the mindfulness inherent in meditation can prevent disease. Stress is the most common factor in illness, disease and disorder because stress causes inflammation. Molecular studies have found that stress affects even our smallest particles, causing inflammation which leads to sickness over time. Meditation and mindfulness are scientifically proven to reduce inflammation because they reduce stress. In addition, brain imaging studies have found that meditation and mindfulness change the structure of the brain. Gray matter, the parts of the brain which are ripe for imprinting and learning, grows during prolonged periods of regular meditation practice. White matter, the critical tissues between the areas of gray matter, also grows. Healing the brain, the body, and the spirit is a primary focus in recovery. Meditation and mindfulness are two of the best and proven practices to take care of all three in as little as five minutes- another reason to meditate. Studies have found that just 5 minutes of focused breathing can have tremendous benefit.

Meditation provides you with the tools of mindfulness, which equips you with the ability to pay attention, notice, and be aware. Included in recovery is a necessity for mood, emotion, and thought management. Mindfulness gives you that pause you need to think before acting, notice your thoughts, become aware of how you feel and pay attention to what is real in the situation before you.

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