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Why Trauma Sticks With You and How To Cope With ItTrauma occurs when an event happens that is life-altering and causes significant stress that leaves you in crisis-mode. The current global pandemic and the domino effect of its consequences can constitute a circumstance that might have already created trauma in you. Other examples of trauma include surviving a natural disaster or being the victim of a crime, a car accident, domestic violence, or sexual abuse. These terrible incidents can either have an onset of acute feelings of trauma for you or it may take some time to set in. In both cases, lingering trauma can be detrimental to how you will live your life in the aftermath and how you will feel about yourself going forward.

Attachment to Trauma

Unfortunately, experiencing trauma means that you have had to experience something very damaging that generates shock and extreme anguish. Having to relive what happened can keep you from moving on from the past and into the present. If you suppress the trauma without working through your issues, the associated shame will still be present and come out in other ways, such as anger, excessive self-pity, or physical ailments. Without addressing what you have been through and what you are feeling, you will not be able to heal correctly.

Coping Skills for Trauma

What you must acknowledge right away is that trauma requires patience to allow you to focus on what you need in order to get over the suffering that it caused. Taking care of your physical needs with hydration, diet, and exercise will help set the standard for you to want to feel good. Finding support through friends and family is imperative because it helps to have others to lean on when you need encouragement. Having a creative outlet such as journaling, cooking, or gardening will bring some much-needed therapeutic joy. Using meditation or therapy to alleviate any anxiety that is rising will release calmness within you. Implementing coping skills for your trauma will give you the ability to overcome the trauma a piece at a time.

Your trauma will always be a part of you, but how you choose to address it and move forward is up to you. Choosing to wallow in self-pity about how the world has treated you is not a healthy option. Deciding to learn from your trauma and helping others get through their own will help you attain the positivity of healing so that your trauma no longer has the same power over you.

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