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The human brain is a fragile muscle. Swishing around in liquid, made of soft tissue, the brain is easily affected both physically and psychologically. Sometimes, physical damage can cause psychological damage. Traumatic brain injury causes the precious brain to essential slam up against the wall of the skull. Like any other part of the body that endures a sudden impact, bruising occurs. Psychologically, the brain can experience bruising as well. Everything we experience in life leaves an impact on us. We have an intricate, inexplicably complex system operating within that squishy, soft, swishing area of our head. At once, the brain is fragile and remarkably resilient. Brains can heal from traumatic injury both physical and psychological. In order to heal, the brain has to be in the right environment. For example, a bruise that is repeatedly impacted over and over will have a hard time healing. Choosing residential treatment for healing trauma can be a life changing as well as a life healing experience.

Safe environment

“Trauma-informed” is a term that means more than what it allows for understanding. Trauma is a deeply personal experience that requires the utmost compassion and empathy. When a treatment environment is trauma informed, every aspect of care is taken into careful consideration. Safety without chaos, a professional treatment setting for trauma creates a calm surrounding. Clients learn to build relationships with staff, family, other clients, and most importantly, themselves.

Freedom to operate

Men and women who are recovering from trauma need the freedom to operate exactly where they are in their life, which can include challenging behaviors. In a clinical environment, clients have an opportunity to make choices which will be met with compassion and education rather than a lack of understanding and punishment. Given the tools to cope effectively, clients learn to regulate themselves. Ongoing development of neuroplasticity gives trauma survivors an increasing foundation of new tools and capabilities for thriving in life.

The Guest House estate in Ocala, Florida offers the utmost privacy and highest level of concierge style service to clients ready to heal trauma in their lives. If you are struggling with the impact of trauma, there is help available.

There is hope.

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