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Trauma is complex, affecting the brain, the memory, the body, and the spirit in different ways. While some people may feel the effects of their trauma right away, some people may not recognize symptoms of trauma for many years. Likely, millions of adults around the world are living with unresolved, untreated trauma from an event or series of events in their childhood. After encountering trauma, they suppressed their feelings, compartmentalized their memories, and wrote the whole event off. Possibly, adults don’t even remember their trauma. On the outside their lives are mostly normal. Many adults are able to live in a high-functioning matter. Meaning, they have jobs, relationships, friends, family, and the basic needs of life covered in a thriving way. Their trauma may only make small appearances through their habits and patterns of behavior, which can show up in any area of their life; for example, intimacy issues. Other adults may obviously struggle with their unknown trauma, turning to addiction, alcoholism, and self-defeating behaviors.

At some point, it comes to an adult’s attention that they have some kind of issues from their childhood they need to confront. Adults make the connection between issues in their adult life and traumatic events from their childhood. Often, adults consider their personal trauma insignificant because their trauma doesn’t  compare to what they think trauma should be. What is most misunderstood about trauma is that it does not have to be especially violent, gruesome, or special. If some life event is disturbing enough to one person to change how they are able to live their lives, that is trauma to them.

Diving into the past

The moment an adult gains awareness of their trauma, they open the floodgates to memories, sensations, and experiences. Conscious and unconscious, physical and mental, the past starts becoming present. An adult may not be emotionally or psychologically equipped to handle the resurgence of their childhood trauma. Starting to swim through confused memories which have been hidden away for decades can quickly become overwhelming. Problematically, adults might turn to drugs and alcohol to try and cope. Attempting to navigate trauma of the past alone can be dangerous and even lead an adult to suicide.

We’re proud to call Florida our home state. At The Guest House Ocala, everyone with an experience of trauma is welcomed to our estate to heal in mind, body, and spirit. Our treatment programs are customized on a concierge level of care. Each client’s treatment program is tailor fit to their specific needs and experiences. For information on life at the estate or our approach to trauma care, call us today: 1-855-483-7800