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telling your storyDrinking and using probably kept you from feeling like you belonged. In fact, many people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction report feeling alone in a room full of people. At some point, you may have wrongly concluded that you just don’t matter at all. So, as you make your way into recovery, talking about where you came from can be very daunting. Feeling like no one really cared about what you had to say during your addiction keeps you from wanting to share with your new friends in recovery. 


What you need to realize is that your story is what defines you in recovery. Sharing the down and outs of your addiction, what your last drink or drug was like, and how you came into the rooms is essential. The identification that one person in recovery has with another is pure magic and very spiritual. This camaraderie that everybody feels is what builds unity to bond together against addiction in the name of the solution. Talking about what it was like and what it is like now matters, and here is why.


Your story makes you relatable 

Everybody wants to feel a part of, and you know that firsthand. Describing what happened to you allows others to feel like they belong and keeps them from being so hard on themselves. Giving them a way out of their shame starts when they hear their own story coming from another’s person’s lips. 


Your story makes you approachable

No one comes into recovery on a winning streak. Most newcomers are awkward and introverted because they are embarrassed by what brought them into recovery in the first place. Greeting them in your share and making eye contact with them can give them an indication that they could come up to you and converse.


Your story sets you free

So far, we’ve been talking about the value of your story being its value to others. Opening up about your past is also beneficial for you. Holding in secrets, shame, and guilt will adversely affect your mind, body, and soul. Talking about the situations that make you feel less-than gives you freedom from the bondage of self. 


Your story is what makes you, you! You may not come out of the gates wanting to tell your story, but the longer you stick around, the more you will see that your story can be a blessing to those who want to recover


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