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Will Couples Therapy Improve My Relationship?

Substance addiction and mental health treatment look at what led you to therapy. Exploring triggers and underlying issues gives people a greater understanding of why they react to their environment in specific ways. There’s no denying that individual and group therapy are vital to people’s mind-body connection.

When it comes to talking with loved ones, though, you may wonder: is couples therapy necessary?

Is Individual Therapy Important?

When you see a therapist on a one-on-one basis, you’re participating in individual therapy. While there are different types of psychotherapy, they all focus on treating the individual. The relationship between you and your therapist is a confidential, private opportunity for you to discuss your thoughts and feelings. While you’re with your therapist, you can push past your comfort zone and explore, without guilt or fear, where your emotions or substance addiction are rooted. How can you do this? Your therapist’s role is to help, not judge.

Over time, the relationship you build with your therapist can strengthen your commitment to a goal or lifestyle change. You learn to believe in yourself and your abilities because of the trust and connection within the client-therapist relationship. Treatment helps you develop, among many things, self-esteem and confidence.

Why Should I Go to Couples Therapy?

You may want to skip couples therapy because you are seeing a therapist. However, the individual work you did while in treatment can complement the work you do with your partner in couples therapy.

Mental health or substance addiction treatment helps you understand yourself and your feelings. What it might not do is help you communicate your thoughts and feelings with your partner. Since a substance addiction or mental health treatment creates an environment where you share with your therapist or group, you process your emotions. After completing a program, your partner may not know how to support or understand your recovery.

Couples therapy may help you and your partner discuss your mental health or substance addiction disorder with each other. You can communicate your feelings, needs, and fears together. Sometimes you may need to figure out how roles and behaviors must change for the relationship to be successful.

Beginning couples therapy doesn’t mean you should stop seeing your individual therapist. Your therapist can work with your couple’s therapist to support and strengthen your recovery and relationship. Because you are attending couples therapy with your partner, you have to talk with them at the moment of conflict. You can find healthy solutions together, which is challenging to accomplish when seeing separate therapists.

Couples therapy is a unique opportunity to work with your partner to build a healthy, solid relationship. You can use the lessons and skills you learned while in a substance addiction or mental health treatment program to boost your work in couples therapy. While you are in treatment, The Guest House works with you to understand your substance addiction or mental health disorder. We guide you towards healthy communication and coping skills. You will also learn behavior and relationship role patterns. Come experience the luxury of our historic estate in Ocala, Florida and begin the healing process. Call us at (855) 483-7800.