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Will Staying Sober at My Wedding Give Me A Happily Ever After

The day you have been waiting for your entire life is now coming to fruition. Your wedding is on the horizon, and you cannot be more thrilled to host the big day. The only concern you have is that you had imagined this day full of champagne toasts. Now that you are sober, you are pondering whether you made the right decision to get sober. The truth is that your wedding will be much better, cold feet and all, without ever having to pick up a drink or a drug to take away your nerves.

You Can Start Your Marriage Off Sober.

Your wedding is the starting point for the rest of your lives, so staying sober will give you another fresh start in your recovery. The day you got sober was a big step in the right direction for the course of your life. Now, beginning your marriage sober will also be another fantastic day. A sober wedding will prove that you can celebrate anything without having to pick up a drink or a drug to change how you feel. Finding other ways to cope with wedding jitters will be helpful to combat cravings and find serenity. Use mindfulness, yoga, healthy eating, or exercise to help you get through this nerve-wracking day with authentic joy and excitement for your future.

You Can Make the Day About You and Your Spouse.

How often did the event you wanted to attend depend on whether drugs and alcohol would be part of the equation? Everything used to be about drugs and alcohol, but now you can make everything about your nuptials. As you have made your way through recovery trying to stop your selfish and self-centered nature, making your wedding a celebration of these changes will make the day even more special.

You Can Begin Your Happily Ever After Sober.

Rather than making a fool of yourself by drinking alcohol and using drugs, your best solution is to remain sober. Although you may have to rely on your pictures and video to remember such an overwhelming day, at least you do not have to blame drugs and alcohol anymore. You will finally get the starting point for your happily ever after, as a direct result of the work you are putting into your program.

Weddings are just as fun sober, especially when it yours! Get on the dance floor, eat some cake, and have some fun. You can do all the typical festivities of a wedding without drugs or alcohol ever being a part of such a beautiful day.

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