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This time of year, the buzzing catchphrase is spring cleaning. April is the time everyone engages in spring cleaning, clearing out the old to make room for the new. Metaphors about winter ending, spring beginning, and the transitioning seasons abound. People recommend spring cleaning their bedrooms, their houses, their kitchens, their garages, their car, their wardrobe, and many other external parts of their life. Few people consider spring cleaning their insides. Surely, in the age of health and wellness, there are recommendations for spring ‘detoxes’ or ‘cleanses’ to clear out the body. What you will rarely hear of is a spring cleaning for the mind. You can indeed spring clean your mind with a few simple exercises.

Take an inventory of your life

Make some time to sit down with pen, paper, and contemplation, and take an honest look at where places, people, and things are in your life. Are you happy in your relationships? Your occupation? Your hobbies? Your friendships? Your health? Your lifestyle? Your progress on the path to growth? Your state of mind? Your attitudes? Your behaviors? If there are areas of your mind you want to improve, consider them a surplus. Just like people go through their closets and rid themselves of items which no longer serve them or they no longer want, you can sift through the contents of your mind and choose the same. Getting ‘rid’ of thoughts in your mind isn’t as easy as throwing a sweater in a garbage bag for donation. You can make a plan with your therapist on how to accomplish these new goals and start making lifestyle changes to support them.

Give yourself a mental cleansing

You can’t exactly get into your brain with a scrub brush and cleaning chemicals. You can, however, give yourself a good mental cleansing. Mindfulness and meditations clear your mind and help you filter your thoughts to be more positive, while becoming comfortable with negative thoughts.

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