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Having spoken to thousands of families in crisis, our admission team brings years of experience and knowledge to every phone call. The Guest House Ocala prides itself on not being a call center. When you make the tough decision to call us, you will be greeted by a staff whose approach is informed by their own personal recovery experience and 12+ years in the recovery industry.

Our caring, compassionate staff can help start your journey to recovery and healing. We want the admissions process to be as easy as possible, because we understand that asking for help is a difficult experience. You will be treated with dignity, respect and compassion.

During your phone interview, our admissions team is interested in gathering as much information as possible. The admissions process begins with the initial phone call.

From the beginning, we would like to learn:

  • your reason for seeking treatment
  • substance abuse history
  • mental health diagnosis
  • secondary issues
  • process addictions
  • suicidal ideations
  • medical histories/conditions/medications
  • trauma history
  • family structure/history
  • dietary needs

If it is agreed upon by the clinical, medical and admissions staff that we can meet your needs, we will begin the process of setting your admission dates and helping you make flight and travel arrangements.

It is our policy to accept guests regardless of race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation and gender/sexual identification.