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Film is a powerful artistic medium that combines the transportive nature of storytelling, the captivating properties of imagery and the mood-setting abilities of sound into a single experience. When you watch and fully engage with a movie, you can easily find yourself getting lost in the narrative and the characters. Even when the situations presented in a movie are not factual or realistic, we find meaning in the way that the story unfolds and the way that characters interact with one another. The ability to relate to a movie — to feel empathy for characters and place ourselves in hypothetical scenarios — can be an excellent therapeutic tool for encouraging therapy clients to explore their feelings and develop their self-awareness.

Cinema therapy encourages participants to view, connect with and analyze films, particularly those that depict characters and events relevant to their own experiences. Sometimes, conversations about difficult subjects like trauma, addiction or mental health need a catalyst like a movie to encourage honest and open discussion. Broaching some topics can be easier for both therapists and their clients when movie characters and their actions are used as a starting point. In addition, it encourages participants to put themselves in others’ shoes and begin to understand how their struggles may have affected those around them.

Cinema Therapy for Trauma and Mental Health Disorders

Living through traumatic experiences can lead to a sense of isolation; it can be difficult to share your story with others because it requires reliving your trauma or fearing others’ judgment. Learning that there are others who will understand and who will not think less of you for your experiences is an important step in overcoming your trauma. Cinema therapy can expose you to films about people who have struggled with similar situations, and when you watch these movies with others you can open the door for a deeper conversation about your own past. When you come to see that you are not alone, you can begin to let go of your trauma by allowing others to support you along your journey of recovery.

Cinema therapy also encourages participants to explore the reasons that trauma, addiction or mental illness came to control their lives. Movies encourage discussions about social influences and personal choices by offering examples and counterexamples of characters who make good and bad decisions, and showing the effects that these decisions can have. As therapy clients learn to relate to the characters they see on screen, they can come to understand their own context and critically examine the kind of person they want to become moving forward. Cinema therapy encourages honest, heartfelt conversations about emotions, empathy, decision-making and consequences without putting pressure on clients to share their personal experiences before they are ready or able.

Cinema Therapy at The Guest House

At The Guest House Ocala, we value each of our guests as an individual, recognizing that everyone who enters our program faces their own unique struggle with addiction, trauma or a mental health disorder. We offer a variety of engaging treatment options like cinema therapy to ensure that each of our guests is able to engage in their recovery at a pace that is comfortable for them, encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zone yet always providing a safe environment in which they can do so. Cinema therapy is in an integral part of our treatment options because it provides a source of thought-provoking material which can be discussed one-on-one or as a group, allowing our guests to relate to each film in their own ways and express their opinions without fear of judgment.

Our treatments are provided or guided by our expert staff, including therapists who specialize in each of our modalities. We are committed to making each of our therapy options a productive and constructive experience; in the case of cinema therapy, discussions are monitored and led to educate our guests about filmmaking techniques and encourage them to be an active, critical audience. Cinema therapy and our other therapies are carefully chosen to provide a full spectrum of treatments from clinical to experimental options, including:

  • Conscious connected breathwork
  • Neuroimaging
  • Adventure therapy
  • Somatic therapy
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Art therapy
  • Individual and group therapy

We are proud to be a premier treatment facility, focusing on your complete comfort as you begin your recovery. We operate on the principle that the less you need to worry about day-to-day amenities, the more you can focus on yourself and your healing. We provide premier-quality services including an in-house chef, housekeeping and full-time access to staff members to ensure your peace of mind during your stay with us. The Guest House Ocala can be a true home for your recovery as we welcome each guest with acceptance, love and open arms.