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As a person goes through life, they experience events that can influence how they perceive and relate to the world. We hope to gather experiences that make us feel safe, secure and happy, but every so often, something might impact our lives in such a way that we lose this ability. Instead, we find ourselves carrying a burden of fear, anxiety, sadness or confusion. This burden is trauma, and ultimately it can cause us to feel stuck. At The Guest House, it is our goal to help individuals uncover and process the source of their trauma so that they can move beyond it and get back to a place in their life where they feel good again.

“The Guest House saved my life, I went in completely hopeless and plagued by my trauma. I travelled from overseas and spent 6 months at the Guest House, I couldn’t have imagined being in the mindset I am today. I’m so grateful for my therapist, the programme, and every staff member [who is] a part of the community. Each member of staff genuinely wants to be there and is grateful to be a part of the client’s journey.”

Hannah, Google review

“There is no way I can possibly put into words how grateful I am for my experience at The Guest House. After over 20+ treatment centers in my past I finally ended up at The Guest House over a year and a half ago. Thank God, honestly it was a miracle. The Guest House showed me that the key to staying away from the drugs and alcohol I was addicted to for so long was first resolving and healing the underlying trauma that led me to drink and use in the first place.”

Chris, Google review

Treating Trauma at The Guest House

The fundamental mission of The Guest House is to help you uncover the underlying cause of whatever you are struggling with — self-destructive behavior, mental health concerns, substance abuse or otherwise. We will never judge you or make you feel ashamed of your past. No matter what kind of experience has led you to seek treatment with us, we are here to help. Many members of our staff — including our co-founders — have personally lived through their own trauma and taken their own journeys of self-discovery. Our programs are designed to help you leave harmful habits behind and replace them with healthy ones; these new skills can repair relationships, restore confidence and give you a fresh start to your life.

We understand that everyone’s path to recovery is unique and utilize a variety of holistic therapeutic modalities to heal the trauma at the source of your concerns. Our goal is to not just help you in managing the symptoms of trauma, but to understand how it has influenced your thoughts and behavior so you can reshape your life.

Some of the techniques we use include:

Throughout the entire treatment process, we’ll also work collaboratively to repair relationships, restore your confidence and reignite your passion for life. We believe in the potential of each person to overcome their past trauma and to create a future marked by wellness and fulfillment. Remember, your past does not define you, but how you choose to respond to it can shape your future. At The Guest House, we’re here to support you every step of the way.